The Campion Missal

The Campion Missal

About the Campion Missal

Perhaps the most beautiful and accessible missal ever published, The Saint Edmund Campion Missal stands alone among Extraordinary Form missals, serving as an elegant and dignified congregational book presenting the Traditional Latin Mass. This Missal is lavishly designed with large fonts, beautiful artwork, photographs, and Gregorian chant in just 672 pages.

The Campion Missal features not only the Sunday and Feast Day propers and readings in both Latin and English, it also features plainchant for the Kyria, Gloria, Credo, and Sanctus. Also included are other sacraments and rites in the Extraordinary Form, such as marriage, confirmation, and funerals.

Unique to the Campion Missal are dual ordinary sections – one for use at the High Mass that features full-color images and music, and one for the Low Mass that is simple and streamlined. This prevents those unfamiliar with the Extraordinary Form from confusing cues or rubrics that occur at one Mass, but not the other. The two sections are styled differently for further ease of use.

Rev. F. X. Lasance’s English translations were scrupulously reproduced for The Campion Missal, providing a translation that is as elegant as it is literal. The Ordo Missae, however, features the Msgr. Ronald Knox translation for the High Mass, although the Fr. Lasance translation is retained for the Low Mass.

Skillfully edited, this Third Edition of the Campion Missal (2022) includes many improvements to make it more user-friendly, including a reduction in both weight and page count so it is less bulky to handle. 

Yet despite the page reduction, important additions were made, such as the inclusion of 1950 Holy Week that utilizes a remarkable and recently-discovered English translation by Msgr. Ronald Knox. The 1962 version of Holy Week is also included in these pages.

While most of the book is printed in black and white, the ordinary sections are elegantly typeset in the style of ornate altar cards, and filled with sumptuous artwork and pictures from a Traditional Latin Mass. Digitally-enhanced “wood cut” illustrations grace more than forty pages, each carefully-selected and deeply theological. 

The Missa Solemnis section includes the music for the Vidi Aquam, Asperges, the three forms of the Preface Dialogue, all in their appropriate spots, facilitating easy congregational participation. 

We are proud to publish this stunning Third Edition of The Campion Missal and eagerly anticipate its fervent use. 



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  • Hardcover
  • Number of pages: 832
  • ISBN: 978-1-64413-455-9
  • Dimensions: 9.25 × 6.2 × 1.25 in

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